If you were not aware, Passover 5769 (double take? gentiles should read that “Passover 2009”) will begin at precisely 7:28 PM tonight, and will run until next Wednesday the 15th.

But, unlike JTS students, we don’t get the week off, so Jewish students may not be able to go home for a family seder. If you’re in the market for a replacement seder or relevant event with Kosher for Passover foostuffs, Bwog would not recommend wandering campus unguided – very few such events exist.

There are two true seders to be found tonight, both at 8:30 PM. One will be held at the Chabad Center on at 625 W. 113th (between Broadway and Riverside). Hillel will also hold a large seder dinner in the lower level of the Hillel center at 606 115th (between Broadway and Riverside). You should have pre-registered if you expected to attend either, naughty naughty, but if you arrive early there may be space left, and both are completely free with a CUID.

Chabad will also host a second seder tomorrow night at 8:45 PM if you miss out, and Hillel will be hosting a “Queer/Feminist seder” on Sunday at 7:30 PM, in the second floor cafe. Bwog isn’t quite sure what would make a seder queer or feminist, but the brave among you will certainly find out.

Bwog is sad to inform you who are keeping Kosher for Passover, and you who are not, that we found no Matzo in John Jay today. But, if you want to have prepared sit-down Kosher for Passover meals this week, you can still sign up for them at Hewitt, space allowing.

If you’re Jonesin for some Matzo ball soup, Morton Williams makes an oily variety, but it is almost always available in good stock. They even have a Kosher for Passover menu you can order from. But if you’re gonna go to that trouble, you might as well go to West Side.