Are you a freshman freaking out about finals? The 2012 Class Council has taken heed of your mania, setting up a new study buddy finding system called FAC, Freshman Academic Connection.

Students input their courses and areas of expertise, and the Council will compile a list of participating students and send it to RAs. Freshmen, both in SEAS and CC, will then be able to access the list and get in contact with potential study partners. So, if your friends refuse human contact for fear of illness, you can phone a stranger to prepare for finals!

 It is good to know that Columbians can now find all the important people in their lives online. FAC email after the jump. 

Finals period is approaching, and we want you to study in the best way possible. We are excited to announce the Freshmen Academic Connection, or FAC, for both CC and SEAS freshmen. It will help you form study groups and create a way for students to help each other out!

Here’s how it works:

1.  Fill out the FAC form and submit:

The form asks for some basic information, your current courses and academic subjects of strength.

2. Your information will be sent to us and will be sorted out according to residence halls.

3. A list will be compiled of students participating in FAC. Your RAs will then make this information available to you via a PDF document. Your information will only be sent to people in your residence hall.

4. Next time someone wants some extra help or someone to study with, they can look you up on the list and set up a time to work together!

5. You will be able to contact people to study with and get help from, based on your classes and academic strengths.

6. Encourage your friends to sign up. The more people, the more options for studying in a diverse range of subjects.

FAC is all about helping you study better and creating community. So sign up now, it’s quick and easy!


The CC 2012 Class Council