The General Studies Student Council results are in, and the big winner is apathy. New president-elect Katherine Edwards defeated Alfred Davis with 63% of the vote. She will be joined by Hannah Kim as VP Student Life, Jacqueline Thong as VP Finance, Clark Chaheine as VP Communications, and Scott Jurkowski as VP Policy.

More notable, though, was the thorough lack of votes for several positions – in fact, there were no winners for the positions of senior class vice-president, sophomore class president and vice-president, alumni affairs rep, student services rep, or student workers rep, while the freshman class president and vice-president received a stellar fourteen votes. GSers,  give yourselves a pat on the back – you had to work to be so indifferent. Full results after the jump.

GSSC President

Katherine Edwards: 212

Alfred Davis: 125

VP Policy

Scott Jurkowski (WI): 50

Jenny Chong (WI): 29

VP Student Life:

Hannah Kim: 220

Chin Kim: 47

VP Finance:

Jacqueline Thong: 236

Allen Settle: 106

VP Communications:

Clark Chaheine: 246

Social Chair

Ashley Kemp: 146

Ellen Oh 113

University Senator

Paul Zachary 154

Nathan Miller 129

Paige Lampkin (WI) 49

Academic Affairs

Richard Adams (WI) 41

Alumni Affairs


Student Services Rep


Student Worker Rep


International Student Rep

Henry Wells 201

Delegate At Large

Abiola Akinyemi 210

Delegate at Large:

Vitaly Lenskiy 26

Senior Class President

Brian Corman 97

Senior Class Vice-President


Junior Class President

Christopher Ideen 49

Marina Lamb 40

Elliot Shakelford 27

Sophomore Class President


Sophomore Class President


First Year Class President

Paul Darnell 14

First Year Vice President

Keenya Powell 14