Welcome to the fourth day of our Housing live-blog!

Bldg Size Config Note # Bldg Size Config Note #
Hrmy 2 D 6 Watt 2 2S 2 BR 0
Schp 2 D WlkTh

1D 1 BR 0
86 1D Std Dbl 1
Wien 2 D WlkTh 26 Rugl 2(4) 4S RA 0
13 3(5) 3S 1D RA 1
Nuss 2 D WlkTh 7 5 3S 1D 1
49 6 2S 2D 0
McBn 2 D WlkTh 0 8 2S 3D 0
155 4S 2D 0
Bway 2 D 27 47C 3 3S 0
EC 6 2 D 8 4 4S 0
Last Updated: 3:52 PM
5 1D 3S 1
6 4S 1D 1
7 3S 2D 10

3:50 PM: The final few groups are shuffling out. It’s calm and quiet…for now.

3:42 PM: Only one Watt studio double left on M!!! 

3:38 PM: The iPod returns! Hard Knock Life by Jay-Z is on. Fitting…

3:28 PM: Only two slots left in Ruggles, one with RA and one fifth floor suite.

3:25 PM: The iPod is off, and someone is playing piano. New motto: “YOU are the MUSICIAN!”

3:22 PM: One Ruggles five-person suite with RA remains, and we’re down to the last two Watt studio doubles, folks. Breakdown on Watt: A-1, M-1. 

3:13 PM: Only four Watt studio doubles, and the last three double Ruggles suite is gone. Breakdown for Watt: A-1, B-1, M-2.

2:57 PM: Just one Ruggles three-double suite left. The iPod magically switched colors from red to black. Is the lottery inducing hallucinations?

2:53 PM: Only five studio doubles left in Watt!! A-1, B-1, M-3.

2:50 PM: Candy was just restocked. Damn, Cow tales are good…

2:40 PM: A surge of groups has flooded John Jay lounge. “I don’t know what that board means!” exclaims a frustrated student. Board updates coming soon.

Older updates after the jump.  

2:12 PM: Watt studio doubles are going fast, down from 15 to 8 in the most recent board update. The breakdown: A-1, B-1, M-5. Updates on Ruggles with two three double/two single suites taken from the 8th floor. 

1:56 PM: A rising junior languishing in a butterfly chair exclaims “I hate housing!” 

1:43 PM: Lunch is over, Biggie is playing from the iPod, and a few scattered bored-looking rising juniors are leafing through Time Out New York. We just updated the chart above and are expecting a whiteboard update in a few moments, according to a very bored-looking housing employee. Some snippets from the coffee table: “someone took another Nussbaum walk-through since this morning? Shit! Shit!”, “we checked out those Watt doubles, and they’re really not that bad.”

12:38 PM: And we’re breaking for lunch. No more McBain walk-through doubles, and we’ve got 7 walk-throughs left in Nussbaum. After a raucous rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets the two singles in their 8 person Ruggles suite, the last group refeuls with York patties and lollipops.

12:25 PM: New count of Watt by studio doubles by line: A-5, B-1, D-1, E-2, M-6, G/H/J/K-0. That’s 15 left. And there’s no music at all now, because the replacement ipod had to leave with it’s owner, and everyone’s tired of being the DJ to the one housing’s got.

12:17 PM: Correction from housing – there aren’t 41 doubles in Wien, as some of you may remember. There are 13 doubles, and 26 walk through doubles. The white board should be relatively correct now. Bwog feels bad for making housing get up from their spots by the window, because it’s getting hot hot hot in the JJ lounge. 

12:10 PM: Bwog has the scoop on why Furnald doubles aren’t on the board (notice our empty box where the number remaining should be). Apparently all of the doubles in Furnald will be going to incoming freshmen next year, so all Furnald rooms available to you are singles (yay!), and you’ve got to drop to general to get them. 

11:52 AM: Bwog has surreptitiously swapped its iPod in for Housing’s. Sorry, but enough Queen is really, truly enough.

11:35 AM: Updated numbers! Watt by line – A:6. B: 2. D:1. E:2. G:1. H:0. J:0. K:0. M:6. We’ve got some hopeful Rugglers up next.

11:27 AM: They’ve replenished the AirHeads. Every single pair coming in here is going for Watt. Good thing for you rising sophomores that “every single pair” means, like, one an hour.

11:14 AM: One Watt G-line left! But groups continue to trickle in at an almost heart-stoppingly slow pace! What will happen? What will go? What will remain? Why do they keep playing Rihanna?

11:07 AM: Just when you weren’t expecting it, Housing reveals precious information! 41 doubles in Wien, 13 of them walk-through. Walk through to your destiny.

11:01 AM: There is so little going on that the biggest news in this lounge right now is the desecration of our beloved John Jay, below. This is the first time the soda fridge has been more than a quarter full before noon all week.





















10:40 AM: Watt studio doubles by line – A:6. B:6. D:5. E:6. G:5. H:0. J:2. K:0. M:6. The few groups wandering in are going for Watt.

10:22 AM: A surprising number of groups break into limp cheering upon entering and seeing the white board. Is it because Housing is finally using all the markers of the rainbow today? It’s certainly not because more studio singles have suddenly sprung up.

10:00 AM: Housing realized that the ninth floor of Nussbaum isn’t available in suite selection, so there are only 56 Nussbaum suites left. Wien count still to come, because of “changing floor plans.”

9:50 AM: One departing student takes another Coke for the road, telling his new roommate “not to do anything too hasty.” A wise man. 

9:43 AM: Good morning! And the only groups we see hanging around to choose are the doubles. Now playing: “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson – a song from more recently than 2005!