-Via Imp Awards

CUSearch, ResLife’s week-long scavenger hunt, is slated to begin today. Team representatives will meet in Furnald, the epicenter of all things not quiet and isolated, tonight at 4 PM to receive the list of tasks. They will then spend the next week taking pictures of the whole team accomplishing listed items for points, and the team with the most points wins. The coordinators write that “all tasks can be performed legally, at minimal to no cost.” That seems to mean that you can perform them illegally, too. Not that we’re recommending anything.

Over 170 teams are registered for the competition, though we suspect that “Team Balls” and “Team Jugs” may be colluding. A lot of Columbians must have realized that, if you use that $500 grand prize correctly, you can buy about $714.30 of Thai food. 

For anyone desperate vying for discounted Khao Pad, make sure to submit photos early. Extra points will be awarded to teams that send in pictures before the final deadline. Feel free to send pictures to Bwog, too, if they’re sufficiently ridiculous. Also, strive to pick up some bonus points, which you get from going above and beyond the basic picture requirements. The CUSearch rules give this example: “A photo of your team with PrezBo in the background gets you the regular number of points. But a photo of your team engaged in a discussion with PrezBo gives you bonus points.” In other words, be like these people.