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Now, for Your Real 40s

For several weeks, whispers have reached our ears of a true 40s celebration, one that does not require being treated like a three year-old McDonald’s customer to enjoy. Now, a dispatch has reached us from a shadowy group known only as the “Senior Underground”:

“Attention Seniors!!! Don’t let Columbia stop you from having fun. Because, let’s face it, when has one beer an hour really been enough?

Come to Pourhouse or Havana Central for the REAL 40 Days. 40s are just $4 at both bars starting at 10 pm and going all night long.”

According to sources, who flitted back into the night as quickly as they appeared, the 40s purchased at Pourhouse and Havana will probably have to stay in the bar. Intelligence also indicates that stricter-than-normal carding policies will be in effect, for any first-years who might desire to join the celebrations.


Those who prefer portability/drinking elsewhere can try ordering from the many vendors in the area; Bwog recommends one with your Spicy Special for between $3-7 (depending on your standards). Of course, Bwog reminds seniors to drink elsewhere at their own risk – the administration is on the lookout for dissent, and no doubt violators will be made an example of in typically ham-handed fashion. Enjoy the booze.


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  • aren't says:

    @aren't 40s normally 1.99? Why does even senior underground suck so much?

  • Is there says:

    @Is there Any reason people couldnt just sneak their own, cheper, 40s in?

    1. that's because says:

      @that's because your bags were checked at the entrance…

      1. I meant says:

        @I meant At the bars

  • UninstitutionalizedFun says:

    @UninstitutionalizedFun PRACTICE CIVIL (DRUNKEN) DISOBEDIENCE. THEY CAN’T CATCH US ALL (we aren’t pokeman..)!

    1. is that says:

      @is that a guy who pokes?

  • fuck that says:

    @fuck that take your business to crackdel on 109 and amsterdam

  • we should says:

    @we should try to make the administration look like fools. I’m calling for brown bagging ALL liquid and drinking it on the steps (especially the legally consumable, non-alcoholic type). How stupid would public safety look, when they harass a bunch of people drinking 1L sodas in brown bags. Besides, it’s not actually 40 days anyway, why drink REAL 40s?

  • The says:

    @The 40’s at Pourhouse will be Budlight, which costs you $4 at least at crack deli. $1.99 will only get you Old English.

    This is a pretty solid deal if you ask me

    1. yo, Cristen Scully Kromm says:

      @yo, Cristen Scully Kromm why would you pay twice as much money for half as much alcohol? you’re missing the whole point of the 40. Now, this is the best deal at crackdel:

      Elliott Smith was also down.

      I’m curious, what does bwog sip?

    2. What are you- says:

      @What are you- fucking retarded? “$4 at least” for a Bud Light 40 at 109? Try $3. And malt liquor 40s were $2.50 until recently- they’re $2.99 now. You obviously don’t buy 40s if you don’t even know how much they cost, you imbecile.

      1. hahahaha says:

        @hahahaha I like it when people use the word “imbecile”. It makes the pettiest situations sound a lot more serious, like someone betrayed the motherland or like, a mother. But really he just miscalculated the price of a 40 at the crack deli. Oh columbia, sometimes you’re so much fun.

        1. ah, but- says:

          @ah, but- in his miscalculation, he exposed himself as a fraud who has never tipped a 40 to his lips and tasted the sweet Old English nectar. For one of the uninitiated to attempt to purvey any information on the 40- including its price at 109 Deli, that 40 oasis- is a travesty.

  • Confused says:

    @Confused Today is April 7.
    Graduation is May 20.
    30 days hath April.
    Why aren’t we celebrating on Friday?

    1. well... says:

      @well... i think it’s really suposed to be thursday… but passover… you know…

      1. Depends says:

        @Depends On how you want to count to 40. Do you count commencement as another day? How about the day of drinking itself?

        No matter how you do it, today is not 40 days. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday can all be rationalized as 40 days, so get drunk on all of them!

  • billy dee williams says:

    @billy dee williams a 40 of budweiser? a 40 should be olde english or colt 45.


  • Word says:

    @Word 40s should be malt liquor, not beer.

  • Or... says:

    @Or... The senior class could stop being such pussies and actually organize as many people as possible to get out on the steps with 40s. What are they gonna do? They’re going to jeopardize 100 some odd potential donors because they don’t like malt liquor?


    1. very says:

      @very very very very true.

      man up upperclassMEN

      1. Senior says:

        @Senior Actually, they e-mailed us and said we’d be in mad shit trouble if we did this. I.e. wouldn’t be able “to participate in graduation ceremonies.”

  • okay says:

    @okay norml is a marijuana organization

  • Don't donate says:

    @Don't donate Don’t donate to senior fund. It’s probably the best way for your disappointment to get voiced because we certainly aren’t listened to as students. If senior fund donations went down each year instead of up, the administration might actually think twice about how they treat their students. Anybody who gives into the harassment from senior fund people–and “harassment” is their word not mine–is doing future students an incredible disservice.

  • Just says:

    @Just To Clarify, Pourhouse was serving real 40’s (ie. Hurricanes), and of course in paper bags.

    Epic. Correct.

  • haha says:

    @haha Nice picture – NORML. I approve.

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