Can’t find love at Columbia? Really? That’s weird. There must be something wrong with you.

We kid, we kid! No one can find love at the Columbia. That’s the point, right? We all commiserate about the Core, we all commiserate about not getting any. That is, of course, until today.  The answer to all your problems can be found at LoveatCU, a brand-new dating site that promises to “revolutionize” the Columbia dating scene. The site’s background is of couples’ feet intertwined, lovers walking through European-looking cobblestone streets, and other affectionate stuff like that. Its slogan reads: “Each of us, then, is a ‘matching half’ of a human whole, because each was sliced like a flatfish”, a quote from every hopeless romantic’s favorite Lit Hum book: Plato’s Symposium.

In order to jump right into the world of Love at CU, simply register with your Columbia or Barnard email address and enter the UNI’s of your <3 crushez <3. Your crush will then find out that someone (someone!) has a crush on them, and they’ll sign up and enter their crushes, but you two probably won’t have crushes on each other, and you’ll be back where you started from. Love at CU has also employed the use of the rather cruel “abandon” and “reject” features, in which you can do exactly what those two terms imply to those on whom you crush and those who crush on you.

The site also offers a dating advice blog and a “most liked” feature, through which, if anyone actually signs up for this, you’ll be able to see the ten most liked people at Columbia. Thanks Love at CU, Bwog misses being 12 also.

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