Though most Nussbaum residents can return to their rooms by 8 p.m. tonight, the effects of the Community Food and Juice fire may be felt for weeks to come.

Housing officials say repairs are still in progress and some building utilities will be phased back into operation over the coming days. One elevator will be out-of-service until at least next week, while the laundry room will not be operating for an indefinite period. All stoves in the building will also be out-of-order until all damaged gas lines are repaired.

Meanwhile, second-floor residents whose rooms were damaged by the smoke and fire can expect relocation to temporary housing on campus.

Details can be found in a Housing e-mail posted after the jump.

Dear Residents of 600 West 113th Street,

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to restore and secure the

building in the aftermath of the fire at Community Food and Juice. We

are working closely with Facilities to complete the necessary work to

secure all suites and rooms and to clean and repair the damaged spaces.

Currently, Public Safety staff is monitoring the floors where the doors

are not secured.  Access is only permitted to residents being escorted

by Public Safety, Housing or Residential Programs staff.  Escorted

residents may remove necessary belongings until they may return


We expect to have the majority of the required work completed tonight by

8:00 pm.  At that point, most residents will be able to return to their

rooms.  If you have key for a temporary room, you may keep the key

through the weekend.  Whether you stay in your room in 600, or the

temporary room, please return the key to the temporary space to the

Hospitality Desk by Monday at 12 noon.

Returning residents should be aware of the following:

– One elevator will be restored by 8:00 pm tonight and will go to the

basement.  The other elevator will be restored next week.

– There will not be gas in the building until sometime next week. The

stoves in the kitchens and the dryers in the laundry room will be

off-line until the gas is repaired.

– If you want to do laundry, you may use your Laundry Card at 601 West

113th Street; if you prefer to use Flex Dollars, you may use the laundry

machines in any residence hall. 

Residents may get additional information about returning to their rooms

by checking at the Public Safety Guard Desk in the lobby of 600 West

113th Street.  If you have questions, please call or visit the Hartley

Hospitality Desk in the lobby of Hartley Hall, 212-854-2775.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.


Housing Services