Free food is nice. But during the last week of classes, free alcohol can seem more appropriate.

Village Pourhouse to the rescue! This week the Amsterdam eatery will be sending out coupons for one free Bud Light. Here’s the twist – it’s via text message. An electronic coupon! How did we ever get trashed without technology? Have fun trying to redeem the thing by waving your tiny LCD screen around a crowded bar.

According to our tipster, you text “getcoupons pourhouse” to 41411 to receive a coupon. It’s unclear if they still send you the text if you space the words properly, so copy-edit at your own risk.

In related boozy news, the mysterious Haakon’s Hall,  purveyor of comfort food and fount of free wi-fi, has put up a sign announcing its grand opening next Tuesday. This is the place with the communal table and eggs all day long. Sure, they were still putting up Craigslist ads for pantry cooks as little as one week ago, but did you read them? All about the rotisserie flair and the cobblers? This has the potential to be excellent. And the restaurant has already promised to stay open twenty-four hours a day during finals. So throw caution to the wind and embrace the midnight meatloaf.

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