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The Market Basket: School Supplies

 -Via Non-Consumer Advocate

Morningside Heights offers plenty of school supply stores, but which one is the cheapest? The CU Bookstore is a ripoff, right? Bwog’s Ripoff Search and Destroy Team sampled prices of a few school supply staples and found some unexpected results.


It turns out that the CU bookstore is generally cheaper than Ivy League Stationers on 116th and West Side Stationers on 108th, which one Bwog tipster swore was the best deal around. In fact, the price stickers at West Side have ‘Ivy League Stationers’ printed on them, so those two stores probably have the same owner (hence the similar prices). In everything but the Mead one-subject notebook, Staples beat the local competition by far. The downside to Staples is that the nearest store is on 125th and Lenox. As much as you hate the man, your cheapest option after corporate and far away is Columbia affiliated (but, on the upside, Flex accepting and very close to home).


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  • which says:

    @which one is west side? Is that the one next to Vitamin Shoppe?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous ticonderoga is the mercedes of pencils

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Dixon Orioles do tend to have nicer erasers though, too.

    And don’t get me started on Faber Castell Grip 2001’s!

  • 5th option says:

    @5th option I like the staples on 79th and Broadway…

  • rite aid? says:

    @rite aid? duane reade?

  • wtf? says:

    @wtf? uhh, what happened to Janoff’s?

  • grateful says:

    @grateful wow bwog! thank you so much!

    now i can buy my school supplies with 5 weeks left in the school year! what a relief.

  • yay Columbia says:

    @yay Columbia NY Times has an article about scholars and includes a future Columbia student Carrie Montgomery

    1. excerpted says:

      @excerpted Carrie Montgomery of the South Bronx is the 8th of 10 children of a single mother who never finished high school and struggles with osteoarthritis and other ailments. Ms. Montgomery, who managed to maintain a G.P.A. of 95.6 at the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice, was recently accepted at Columbia.

      Her goal is to become a lawyer, write an autobiography and find a way to inspire other young people like herself. When she got the call from The Times telling her she had won a scholarship, she was speechless.

      “I thought: Wow. This is reality,” she said. “I am really going to go to college.”

  • XJE says:

    @XJE Ivy League Stationers has a 10% discount when you show them your CUID, which makes their prices a bit more competitive.

    Also, their selection is unbeatable, which is something I appreciated when I was evaluating non-mechanical #2 pencils for the LSATs. [Winner: Papermate American Natural, HB #2. Dixon Ticonderogas have horrible erasers]

    I heartily endorse ILS, not only on the grounds of supporting a locally-owned small business, but also because their Amsterdam location is convenient for Mudd, IAB, and EC.

    And yes, I know I sound like a shill.

  • same discount says:

    @same discount at West Side Stationers

  • ??? says:

    @??? What is a ticonderoga?

  • Is that a says:

    @Is that a Binder in your backpack, or…
    A 1 foot binder?

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