Grab your pitchforks, music fans: Bacchanal members tell Bwog that Vampire Weekend dropped out of the concert early last night. No word yet on the actual reasoning behind the cancellation, although we strongly suspect that last Tuesday’s events have something to do with it. More updates coming shortly.

UPDATE (12:57 p.m.): Sources confirm that Vampire Weekend dropped out due to “contract issues,” rather than (less interesting) reasons such as a scheduling conflict.

UPDATE (1:08 p.m.): According to a forwarded email from Bacchanal organizers, the band, which is in the middle of recording a new album (tenatively named “Cedilla Gorilla”), balked at the security breach, and despite offers of additional incentive J. Crew gift cards, band representatives confirmed the band would drop out of the gig. When asked how such a strict clause got into the contract, Bacchanal planner Benny Shaffer blamed it on “a stray Oxford comma. I thought they didn’t give a fuck about those!” However, Bwog’s been told that a replacement group has already been confirmed, and we expect to have the name shortly.

UPDATE (1:22 p.m.): Bacchanal organizers will announce Thursday that the bluegrass group Hootenanny Hollers — best known for their chart-topping album “Backporch Pickin’,” — will play the spring festivities. Rising stars in the bluegrass community, the Hollers are also known for being one of the few bands left in the industry that still use cast-iron washtubs. Their downhome style has also earned recognition from trade magazine Waterjug, which placed them on its list of “Bands Guaranteed to Get Your Foot Tapping in 2009.”

 – JCD & JYH