The War on Fun is bringin’ you down. You have two options: drink 40’s somewhere else, or promise yourself that, without a doubt, you will never give a penny to this god awful place as long as you live. Senior Fund and its awkward propaganda be damned!

Well, unless you’re too cool for mimicking Obama’s every move, you might want to reconsider that plan. It turns out that despite a few attempts to distance himself from Columbia during the campaign, the President donated $1,000 to the university this year.

If you are an Obama follower to the core and can’t see yourself scraping up $1,000 a year to give to PrezBo, never fear. When you compare the $1,000 donation to some of the other numbers in the Obamas’ tax returns, like their $2.66 million dollars in adjusted gross income, you realize Obama only donated about $40 dollars in real people money. In fact, Bwog’s special Lingering Resentment Calculator tells us that if Obama were making $100,000, by proportion his donation would have been $37.59. Ok, maybe that’s still a little more than Bwog has budgeted for PrezBo too.