1. Not a student  

    Just a douche.

  2. there is

    absolutely no reason to be holding all of those books at once. he probably could not even tell you what all of them are. ridiculous. i want to take them all when he goes to the bathroom. if you are in the room he is in and reading this, do it for me, please!

  3. !!!  

    pagemaster! so good!

  4. kent brockman  

    "i want to take them all when he goes to the bathroom."

    what makes you think a colossus like this visits your puny, man-made bathrooms? or even has normal human functions like waste removal?

    this man is clearly our superior. i, for one, welcome our new butler overlord.

  5. what  

    what could he possibly be doing?

  6. not to be  

    a spoilsport, but I've seen him before- I think he's an assistant in some department, so gets sent to Butler every now and then to check out tons of books for professors doing research.

  7. HAHAHA  


  8. semi stalker...  

    sometimes I hang out on the 18th floor of EC just to try to see Clem come out of his room. I then usually follow him from a distance, he is just so cute

  9. This is why

    I choose to be illiterate.

  10. book burning  

    at midnight... wherever this dude is

  11. maybe

    he finishing up a thesis and actually using/citing all his sources as opposed to faking 90% of them like most people

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