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Getting an Early Start on Misery

Documenter of All Things Butler Alexandra Muhler sends in this photo, taken in 603.  It’s like the Pagemaster, but this is real life.


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  • maybe says:

    @maybe he finishing up a thesis and actually using/citing all his sources as opposed to faking 90% of them like most people

  • book burning says:

    @book burning at midnight… wherever this dude is

  • This is why says:

    @This is why I choose to be illiterate.

  • semi stalker... says:

    @semi stalker... sometimes I hang out on the 18th floor of EC just to try to see Clem come out of his room. I then usually follow him from a distance, he is just so cute

  • HAHAHA says:


  • not to be says:

    @not to be a spoilsport, but I’ve seen him before- I think he’s an assistant in some department, so gets sent to Butler every now and then to check out tons of books for professors doing research.

    1. the future says:

      @the future once libraries are replaced by Kindles, there will be none of this.

      1. SO says:

        @SO TRUE.

        paper = the lame

  • what says:

    @what what could he possibly be doing?

  • kent brockman says:

    @kent brockman “i want to take them all when he goes to the bathroom.”

    what makes you think a colossus like this visits your puny, man-made bathrooms? or even has normal human functions like waste removal?

    this man is clearly our superior. i, for one, welcome our new butler overlord.

    1. this says:

      @this should be a favorite comment

    2. LOL says:

      @LOL Such a great comment

  • !!! says:

    @!!! pagemaster! so good!

    1. YES says:

      @YES Pagemaster reference = +10 awesome 90s childhood points

      1. lol says:

        @lol Yes! I just watched the first half on youtube for old time’s sake.

  • there is says:

    @there is absolutely no reason to be holding all of those books at once. he probably could not even tell you what all of them are. ridiculous. i want to take them all when he goes to the bathroom. if you are in the room he is in and reading this, do it for me, please!

  • Not a student says:

    @Not a student Just a douche.

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