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Our heartiest congratulations to professors James Leighton and Mark Mazower, the newest recipients of the Mark Van Doren and Lionel Trilling Awards, respectively. The awards were doled out by the Columbia College Academic Awards Committee, which is made up of 10 CC students who have overseen the selection process throughout the year.

Leighton is a Chemistry professor who teaches the infamously difficult Organic Chemistry class to undergrads. He has also done extensive research into strategies in asymmetric synthesis (eek!) and has already won the CU Lenfest Distinguished Faculty Award.

Mazower, a History professor, earned the Trilling Prize for his eighth book Hitler’s Empire: How the Nazis Ruled Europe. Both CULPA gold-stars will be honored in a ceremony in Low Library on May 7th. 



  1. Anonymous  

    Leighton's class was too hard for me.

  2. yay!  

    leighton is awesome!!

  3. free free  

    free food outside of butler! some dudes in "myGod" t-shirts are givin away brownies and cookies and coffee on the john jay side

  4. Mazower  

    is wicked smart and a generous grader to boot.

  5. omg  

    mazower is amazing!

  6. Leighton

    Is one of the best teachers I ever had at CU. I'm happy that he is finally being recognized! He turned second semester Organic Chemistry into a class that was actually WORTH going to!

    Only professor who got a standing ovation from his class and actually deserved it.

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