Columbia Points: Pointless

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Dining would like to remind you that the heady days of freshmen’s Columbia Points are no more. This year, the points were abolished in favor of Dining Dollars for all. Really! The dining website says so.

Besides having a marginally less embarrassing name, the only advantage of Dining Dollars is that they don’t expire at the end of the year. But that’s a pretty important advantage. Freshmen, let it be known: you don’t have to spend your 200 remaining dollars over the next ten days on an unhealthy amount of sushi and those godawful apple cinnamon rice cakes from JJ’s. Save it for next year’s sophomore slump, when choosing a major drives you to eat your stress away.

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  1. this

    is actually a huge gain for students. and a blow to Housing and Dinings various attempts at squeezing money out of students. Next they'll abolish flex and points will become a universal currency! Yay!

    what, a man can dream that Columbia will catch up with my local commuter college, right?

    • nope

      They can't abolish flex. Dining dollars are tax-free (which is legal since they are used to purchase non-restaurant food), but flex can be used to purchase items that legally have to be taxed.

  2. this is  

    very good, and unfortunately for me one year too late.

  3. jease  

    thank you for finally settling this, it has been a running debate among freshmen for the entire year. Ridiculous.

  4. Hey!  

    I am actually eating one of those rice cakes, and they are god-diggidy good!

  5. it was  

    really stupid that our orientation packets talked about First Year Points when all of us got Dining Dollars instead. H&D fail.

  6. Astounded!  

    An unhealthy amount of sushi? I've been wolfing down raw fish for years and I'm as healthy as a neocurtilla on a ranch in Amarillo! Get your facts straight, Bwog!

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