Apocalypse Later: Looming MTA Fare Hike Revised

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The Daily News is reporting that a “doomsday scenario” for the MTA has been successfully avoided. Until today, the plan had been that the world would end on May 31st, when a fifty cent subway fare hike would go into effect and service cuts would slowly begin to take effect.

But, assuming that the solution proposed by Governor Patterson and other Democrats last night passes the State Legislature, that fare hike will be cut in half, and the scheduled service cuts will be put on long term hold or canceled. So it seems like with some fancy math and a couple of extra taxes on taxi drivers, everything’s gonna work itself out.

Well, it probably won’t work itself out. The MTA, like a gambling addict, will continue to run up debts no matter how many times you settle its credit. Plus, the fare hike may be half the expected amount, but $2.25 a pop will also mean twice as much awkward change in your subway riding life. You should also probably start mentally preparing for the frustration of having an amount like $1.75 left on your MetroCard. If you’re ready for it, it can only make you stronger.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder..  

    ...if its possible for Clem H. to have a larger wiener?

  2. who is clem h.

    also i am taking cabs from now on.

  3. Thank God  

    for keeping epic bags of change around

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