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A merry prankster appears to have set off the fire alarm in Butler, driving the huddled masses out into the pouring rain (UPDATE: students have been let back in now). Tipster Amanda Santamaria, though, stuck around long enough to record the rarest of sights: an empty Butler 403.

And yet it probably still smells to high heaven.

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  1. Lol  

    It's like the rapture but with Asians instead of evangelicals!

  2. Sigh  


    Why so cruel Columbia?

    This morning I was woken up at 7 am by the motors and power washers that are running on full blast to clean off our lovely little Van Am statue/gazebo for Graduation. It's Reading Week. 24/7 quite hours. It's the first time all semester my suite is behaving, but nope Columbia decides to ruin my sleep today. Seriously.

  3. WHY  

    does butler 403 ALWAYS smell like rotten milk???

  4. WHY  

    does my hallway ALWAYS smell like rotten milk???

  5. WHY  

    does your mom ALWAYS smell like rotten milk???

  6. lskdj

    Dear Bwog,

    I was dissapointed by your response time on this topic. I was on the 6th floor wondering whether it would be smart to be too lazy to evacuate or risk burning to a crisp.

    I tried checking you.

    You failed me.



    That is all.

  8. any  

    guesses as to which library will be on fire tomorrow?

    Yesterday it was Avery, today Butler. Chem tomorrow, perhaps?

  9. yes  

    and it's always spectacularly empty because no one knows it's there. Last time I was there, counting the librarian and myself there were 5 people

  10. effin  

    prankster made me late for handing in my paper that was due at 3. i hope columbia catches your ass and expels you.

  11. 403 stench  

    its not rotten milk... it is the putrid vomit odor associated with freshmen who have just been introduced into the world of unmonitored alcohol overconsumption.

    • oh yeah  

      because clearly the wasted freshman find themselves in butler 403 after a late night.

      if you're going to make a snarky comment, at least have it make sense. that's all we ask for.

  12. Anonymous  

    The screeching noise of the Butler fire alarm is like the warm loving arms of mother Columbia, telling us we've been working too hard and we really need to get out and go to bed and talk to girls but if we don't do it now we'll have to have a lecture about fire safety because she worries about us so much.

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