1. wait

    isn't it 11:30pm for barnard seniors then 12am for everyone else?

  2. Don't forget  

    the hot dogs.

  3. nope  

    11 for seniors, 11:30 for all barnard, 12 for everyone else

  4. primal  

    Is primal scream tonight?

  5. CC male  

    barnard is so loving and nurturing. it almost makes me wish i went there.

    • 5again  

      i mean that seriously, not sarcastically.

    • SEAS male  

      I was thinking the exact same thing! I was waiting in line and looking at all the flyers they have going on (including the FitBear thing) and it seems like they have such a different experience from me. On the one hand it's nice going to a huge university and learn how to survive without anyone holding my hand, but on the other hand it might be nice to have more of a sense of community. Meh, not like I had much of a choice anyway. But yay for free food!

      • i agree  

        and actually thank you for all of the positivity in your comment, minus the "holding your hand" bit. we're still very independent on this side of the street. no one holds our hands. though admittedly, we do have a much better advising system than columbia.

        • ...  

          no. what you have is a culture that isn't completely fucked.

          the barnard girls i've met are down to earth, humble and bright. real people.

          i've met some columbia people who are unusually sharp (and they tend to be down to earth as well). and a few who are humble and bright. but the lionshare tends to be totally average and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay stuck up.

          of course, the administration responds to this as you would expect them to and the columbia-sucks loop feeds itself.

          god this place is weird.

  6. conspiracy GASPGASPGASP  

    dear bwog
    yesterday i was in avery at approximately 5PM and a fire alarm went off
    while outside someone else came running over and said they were in the gym (dodge) when a fire alarm went off there
    then bwog comments on the lerner 6 post indicate a fire alarm was pulled at approximately 3PM in butler library
    then today on amsterdam about 3 fire trucks were lined up next to fayerweather....

    WHAT IS WITH ALL THESE FIREALARMS. too many to be a coincidence? bandits at columbia? investigate pls

  7. 3/2 lamentations  

    No, dude, seriously. I had the same thought. I miss my old liberal arts school. So comforting and ass-patting. Columbia proper is too big, alienating, and soul-destroying. I will graduate in two weeks having known few people and feeling uncomfortable at the many, many Senior Week "You Should Remember This As The Time Of Your Life" pokes and prods.

    • well, question  

      it's inevitable that you will be pushed out of your nest by the ass-patters, so would you rather see if you can fly now? or...later, when your soul can no longer be fixed, and when "uncomfortable" pokes and prods are serious life events?

      Columbia is in one of the cities that lives and breathes truth and life; the administration I think realizes that in this situation you can't hold your kids' hands all the way. That may be true in middle of nowhere universities, where news only happens in the papers and on TV and the world isn't at your feet, but I think there's a certain element of "the world is yours for the why don't you?"

  8. DSpar > PrezBo  

    At least when it comes to ladling out syrup

  9. DHI  

    I want some chicken and waffles.

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