Rash of Indecent Exposure Penetrates Columbia Bubble

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Spring is upon us (which does not explain the pumpkin in the picture, but stick with us here), and, hand in hand with the warm and the wet come a New York City tradition:  flashers. 

Yesterday, Barnard Public Safety sent out yet another of its “Crime Alert” bulletins warning students of “Public Lewdness” in Riverside Park. According to Bwog’s Unofficial Flasher E-Mail Counter (trademark pending), that makes three since warm weather began in late April.

While Riverside Park has a better reputation than that park your mom made you promise not to visit, Barnard students have been falling prey to its seediness since March.  Remember, girls and boys, that the best way to protect yourself is “CONSTANT VIGILANCE.”  Full email after the jump.





Dear Barnard Community,

On Friday,May 8, 2009 at approximately 5:30 pm, two B/C students were in Riverside Park near West 113 Street when a male exposed himself. The students left the area and called Public Safety.BCPS notified the NYPD to respond.Any suspicious activity or incidents of this nature call 911 immediately.

Garrett Doherty

Barnard College

Public Safety


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  1. blasphemous!  

    bwog, are you implying that it's unnatural to drop your pants in front of a barnard girl?

  2. oh my  

    that is the best picture I've ever seen, Bwog. Thank you

  3. please stop

    please stop posting about barnard. this is a columbia blog. thanks.

  4. solution  

    instead of whistles, barnard should hand out mace (the pepper, not the medieval instrument)

  5. no,  

    definitely the medieval instrument. just think of the character it would lend the neighborhood.

  6. Anonymous  

    Flashing a Barnard girl is like throwing a rock at Hiroshima. The damage has already been done, stop trying so hard.

  7. Rational Being  

    To be fair, it was sunny yesterday and no one wants tan lines.

  8. yeeahh...  

    can we also stop Public Safety officers from following girls home then asking for their number and if they'd like to go out sometime?

    Creepy much?

  9. lol  

    i like the sexual imagery in the title of this post

  10. Wonderful  

    Amazing photo, Bwog. Trick or treat, indeed.

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