Winner of the Second Comment Competition

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We’re a little late with this award, but congratulations to Michael W., the winner of the second-round of our commenting competition. Not only was his comment on our Pillow Fight photo album sufficiently epic, but he also showed great skill in actually leaving an email address, as per the rules.

For his wit and competent display of reading comprehension, Michael receives our grand prize package: a cotton t-shirt declaring his victory, and a used DVD of Dane Cook’s latest stand-up special (buying a second t-shirt has put us into chapter 11).

Didn’t make it this time? Stick around – the competition will resume during midterm week and finals in the fall.



  1. confession

    i know this makes me totally not cool, but i actually think dane cook is funny.

  2. confused person

    who's dane cook?

  3. WTF  

    this was so rigged bwog

  4. wow  

    i laughed out loud at this comment. i obviously didn't read all the other possibilities, but this one seems deserving.

  5. Ahahahaaa

    Well chosen, Bwog.

    • hahaha....

      as someone who left farmland to come here, i find this epically humorous.

      i wonder how they propose to affordably feed millions of people on organic and "humanely" treated food.

    • Erin Axelrod?

      Gets to intern at the hometown of Sierra Nevada beer... that girl is my effing hero. Lucky it's not me, cuz I'd be the first to fail outta an internship. GL Erin, have fun, whoever you are, lucky dork.

  6. internal consistency

    Didn't like the comment. Sitting on steps + wheelchair = false.

  7. Michael W  

    And I still haven't gotten my T-shirt...

    thanks internet.

    this guy^ people sit in wheel chairs, and chill on low steps, don't be ignorant, handicapped ppl are still ppl.

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