AltSpec: Awards, Nominations, and Firsts!

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The architecture firm behind the new geochemistry building at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory has won three design awards at the 2009 Sustainable Design Awards (building pictured at right). 

Xerox’s new CEO, the first African American women CEO of a Fortune 500 company, is also a Columbia graduate. Her degree? Master’s in engineering.

Three more Columbia faculty members have been named to the National Academy of Sciences.

Obama nominates a Mailman School professor to a Health and Human Services post.

Perhaps this will help him get an award: a Columbia pre-med student is featured in a Times article about web sites for cramming.

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  1. Alum

    Ursula Burns, the new Xerox CEO, received a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from SEAS. Saying she received a "master's in engineering" is like saying an English major graduates from CC with a "bachelor's in arts and sciences".

    • Kind Of...

      She may have received a Master of Science in Engineering, a Master of Science, or a Master of Engineering. They are each technically different, but in practice the difference is nominal.

      • Alum

        Columbia does not award "Master of Engineering" or "Master of Science in Engineering" degrees, though some other universities do. All of the master's degrees SEAS offers are M.S. degrees.

        Anyone who earns an M.S. from SEAS earns it in a particular discipline (which is true at most engineering schools, but not all); Ms. Burns's degree is in mechanical engineering.

  2. affirmative action

    say it with me now... AFFIRMATIVE ACTION

  3. HA! HA!

    Bwog said "Mailman" and "post" in the same sentence. Coincidence?

  4. Tip

    Hey bwog...Barnard senior on front page of Sunday times for working with sheep on an organic farm

  5. I also

    do not care about Barnard

  6. Shouldn't it

    be "woman CEO"

  7. cc alum

    I don't care about Barnard, but I really don't care for reading about others not caring about Barnard.

  8. Nice picture

    Pupin physics library! Overheard a prof telling a TA he could tell who used Cramster, because their midterms and finals were abysmal. They both chuckled and nodded. No wonder the US is falling behind in the sciences and math. I'm thinking the US is law-school-city, and NY is the mayor.

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