Printing Your Readings Now Slightly Less Damaging to The Environment

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It’s an old trick that saves both trees and money: printing flyers and rough drafts on already-used paper (by feeding the blank side in). Now, CUIT and campus group Green Umbrella have brought that technique to campus printers, converting one of the printers in Mudd’s Engineering Terrace to used paper.

According to Green Umbrella’s Hannah Perls, the project began in April, and “the one-sided paper will be collected with the help of CUIT, SEEJ and Eco Reps as well as volunteers from other Umbrella organizations.” They are particularly hoping that campus groups will use the printer for flyering, “to reduce paper waste on campus.” As for expansion, Perls said, “We would definitely love to either expand or move the printer to a more high-traffic area if the printer sees a lot of activity.”


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  1. good

    i want to make sure my forty page raster of my penis is as carbon-neutral as possible

  2. why

    don't they collect old flyers and print on the backs of those? That would make just as much sense.

  3. GS

    is old and outdated and its about time we got rid of its dead weight

  4. hperls

    Columbia already tries to use recycled paper - we are using old flyers, papers, documents etc. that students have trashed but are still flat and able to be fed back into printers. There will be bins for usable paper in most of the computer labs by next fall semester where you can place waste paper from accidental printings, jams etc.

    Hope this helps!

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