Photo by JPMB

At this point it’s safe to say that all of Butler has been divided up and that everyone’s entrenched in their designated spots.  For camping of a different (funnier) sort, however, you’ll have to brave the pre-commencement landscaping and head over to the mini-lawn to the right of Alma.  That’s where Fruit Paunch is holding its annual 24-Hour Show.

These rugged comedians have only a few hours left of their ordeal, and, when Bwog stopped by, they were fueling up for the final stretch with white bread, assorted lunchmeats, mustard, and canned whipped cream.  Last night’s rain didn’t dampen their zaniness–in a moment they were back at the improv, much to the delight of both their audience and the small children playing in the fountain nearby.  Check out more photos below.

 -Photos by Jason Patinkin and JPMB