In a shocking twist to the elections that about seven people voted in, three GSSC election results have been overturned by the GSSC Judicial Committee, overruling a previous decision validating the elections from the Elections Committee.

University Senator (no longer) elect Paul Zachary, VP Policy winner Scott Jurkowski and fallen Academic Affairs victor Richard Adams have all had their victories revoked for campaigning on Facebook through their statuses after the campaigning deadline had passed. Just for some perspective, Adams was the only person in his race to receive any votes, and don’t we all know that someone running unopposed can do whatever the hell they want? Plus, only 79 total votes were cast in Jurkowski’s race, of which he nabbed 50. A lot of the possible positions didn’t even have candidates to run for them. Apathy: because you can’t commit voter fraud if there are not any voters.

The three candidates will not be barred from attempting to regain their offices next year, when, according to a Judicial Committee report, “each of these candidates, as well as any other students who desire, will have the opportunity to apply for appointment to office when the GSSC reconvenes in the fall of 2009.”

The judicial committee added that “the importance and challenge of the work done by the Elections Committee cannot be understated, and as students and Committee members we are grateful for their service.” We’re just going to do the exact opposite of what they said.