2013ers Can Now Begin The Year in Style

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And when you think of style, you think of our good friends over at COÖP. Registration for the hiking/biking/rafting orientation experience of your dreams is up and running, with a deadline of July 20. After you complete that, start planning on how to smuggle a cell phone along – it’s what all the cool kids do.

UPDATE: The coordinators of Columbia Urban Experience (COÖP’s community service counterpart) wrote Bwog to let us know that registration for that program ends next Wednesday, June 10th.

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  1. POÖP in the WOÖDS  


  2. wannabe

    Hey 2013--apply to COOP. I didn't and I regret it. Worst decision I ever made. In my lyfe.

  3. constipated

    Hey 2013--apply to POOP. I didn't and regret it. Worst decision I ever made. In my lyfe.

  4. best thing  

    i ever did. period.

    and i did some awesome shit.

  5. COOP

    you are the sunshine of my life.

  6. ...

    you coop kids are so creepy. seriously



  8. COOP

    is the single best thing that ever happened to me!

  9. river

    coop (especially rop) is gods gift to mankind

  10. coop

    was a terrible experience.

  11. With COOP

    I lost 9 inches off my waist and can now pleasure my girlfriend aaaall night. Thanks COOP!

  12. COOP kids  

    will never stop talking about how awesome COOP was. They will never let you down for not signing up. They will talk about even at graduation how much COOP was better than anything else at Columbia. Period. Fuck you, COOP kids.

  13. aah  

    That's the stuff; that's what I've been missing. Some good old-fashioned Bwog hate.

  14. man

    this brings back good memories, coop was good times

  15. ex-COOPer

    Having both done it as a pre-frosh and as a leader, I think COOP is a good experience.

    That said, a lot of boring people who can't make other friends say it's the highlight of their freshman year. Don't be that guy.

    NSOP sucks only if you make it suck. Ask your OL where the parties are and make use of cute girls on your floor to get into them.

  16. campus hamburger

    i'll have cheese on my sausage, please.

  17. Also,

    COOP is definitely the highest concentration of hot people that you will meet at Columbia.

  18. myeval

    River - sit on a wet raft for hours. Lame.

    Hiking - shit in the woods

    Biking - Nice breeze, campsites at end of the day.

    Go with biking.

  19. COROP alum:

    Make sure you don't get stuck with a weak and/or lazy canoe partner. Happened to me repeatedly, and it sucked. A lot.

  20. coop sucks

    i hated it, no one there was nice, and it just wasn't any fun. i shouldn't have ever signed up.

  21. bwog comments

    needs to have a 'like' function

  22. I'm sorry

    you had such a horrible time, but I am one of many who loved it. It's great to get out in the woods, eat GORP, trowel, and meet people before classes begin. YAY COOP!

  23. non-coop leader

    coop leaders are probably the coolest kids on campus. no joke.

  24. Anyone who says that

    is obviously a poop leader.

  25. COOP= best program ever!!

    and anyone who denies it was either too lame to appreciate it or probably had a three foot stick shoved up their ass the entire time.

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