Morningside Books Not Actually Closed (Yet)

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Turns out Morningside Books isn’t shuttering up so fast after all

“Yes, we are still here,” proclaimed a sign posted outside the store, “many of you are wondering ‘what is going on?’ So are we.” Yes, tell us more, Morningside Books, tell us more!

Basically, neighborhood folk have begun to make pledges to the bookshop to help the owner raise the $158,000 he needs to pay rent. An employee informed us that they have raised nearly $60,000 in pledges so far, but that the civil court judge is asking that those pledges be turned into cash. Morningside Books is surving on a “day to day basis” that depends on the sympathy of the judge and the amount of pledges the owner recieves.

As long as the store remains open, most books are half priced and the shop will most likely extend its opening hours to allow for more business and pledge-making. While one neighborhood denizen surveying the bargain bins outside noted that the whole operation “sounds like a bakesale,” you can still do your do-goody part by buying and pledging.

The owner, Peter Soter, finished the note hanging on the window by stating, “the whole affair has only made me more aware of how special a neighborhood we have.” Damn the Man, save the Empire!


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  1. can't  

    wait till this commie book store closes

  2. djk

    worth noting that though most of the books are half-priced, I recognized

  3. djkcont

    less than 1percent of those titles

  4. Like Liz Lemon says:

    Shut it down.

    Honestly, this is money down the drain from the community. Are they going to do this every month?

    The shop isn't changing anything to its system. Same distributors, same product and prices, etc. Instead of closing down in June it'll close down in July-August.

  5. i love

    the empire records shout-out.


  6. elementary

    my dear Watson.

    Morningside Books sells nothing we need.

    Now that the resident pot-dealer has been busted, we need weed.

    Morningside should cater to this newly created and very lucrative niche.

    Everybody wins.

  7. aww, MAN

    I really thought #7 was going to be a poem.

  8. You're not doing it right

    ...S'why I target grade school children without knowledge of profit margins.

    Yay suburbia!

  9. Anonymous

    They should replace it with a Dunkin' Donuts.

  10. Surfin' UWS

    Sure, we're already largely white and mostly rich; let's go full circle and be fat too.

  11. What???

    This is absolutely ridiculous. All of these yuppies are pledging their money just because it makes them feel good to have more than one independent local bookstore in their neighborhood. But the point is. . . the store wouldn't be failing if these people ACTUALLY BOUGHT BOOKS. So somehow guilt over not actually finding any use for a store they want to survive is more overpowering than, oh I don't know, feeding starving children or supporting cancer research or USING THAT SPACE to house a free medical clinic for disadvantaged families or something else much more worth the community's generosity. But no. We're going to pay this guy's rent so he can continue to make money without actually providing a service the community might support with PURCHASES. Why doesn't the owner or these guilt-ridden supporters find out what people who live here would actually come to Morningside Bookshop to BUY. They have a great location . . . They could keep the books up, add free wireless, buy comfy chairs, and sell something that might also attract the giant student population living here. The owner needs to learn how to run a small business or accept defeat and figure out a new line of work . . . rather than taking handouts to hoard valuable real estate.

  12. jessica

    He's going to take the money (if there actually is any) and run!..The bookstore business model is dead..Why the hell would anyone buy from any one of these bookstores when there's an Amazon.com that's much cheaper..Columbia should forget about ANY bookstore in this space..

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