Turns out Morningside Books isn’t shuttering up so fast after all

“Yes, we are still here,” proclaimed a sign posted outside the store, “many of you are wondering ‘what is going on?’ So are we.” Yes, tell us more, Morningside Books, tell us more!

Basically, neighborhood folk have begun to make pledges to the bookshop to help the owner raise the $158,000 he needs to pay rent. An employee informed us that they have raised nearly $60,000 in pledges so far, but that the civil court judge is asking that those pledges be turned into cash. Morningside Books is surving on a “day to day basis” that depends on the sympathy of the judge and the amount of pledges the owner recieves.

As long as the store remains open, most books are half priced and the shop will most likely extend its opening hours to allow for more business and pledge-making. While one neighborhood denizen surveying the bargain bins outside noted that the whole operation “sounds like a bakesale,” you can still do your do-goody part by buying and pledging.

The owner, Peter Soter, finished the note hanging on the window by stating, “the whole affair has only made me more aware of how special a neighborhood we have.” Damn the Man, save the Empire!