Politico has an early copy of MSNBC reporter Richard Wolffe‘s new book Renegade, about Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and among his many tales is the following confrontation between Joe Biden and John McCain during the ServiceNation forum (presumably in Lerner).

When Sen. John McCain wouldn’t return the phone calls of Sen. Joe Biden, the never-subtle Delawarean sought out his longtime colleague.

In New York City with Obama and McCain where the two were both appearing at a public service event on the anniversary of 9/11, Biden was rebuffed by McCain’s aides backstage when he asked to see the GOP nominee.

So, Wolffe writes, Biden went to McCain’s green room door and knocked.

“’John McCain,’ he shouted, according to Wolffe. “’It’s Joe Biden. The next time I phone you, take the damn call.’”

And here we thought Ol’ Joe was calm and collected in his word choices