A few days ago, we reported that the CVS on 96th Street and Amsterdam would be using Flex, partly at least because, according to Student Services, other neighborhood drugstores “have not responded to our invitations to join the program.” However, when Bwog checked in with Duane Reade’s manager, we learned that there may be hope yet for Flex at a closer drugstore. According to the manager, “Students have been coming in and telling me about Flex,” for awhile, and he “sent in the paper work about a year ago.” As for the paperwork going through, “apparently they’re going to be using a lot of Flex next semester so it’ll hopefully be ready by fall.”

In sadder retail news, JAS Mart at 110th and Broadway has shut its doors, according to a sign on said doors, and Morningside Books, after a temporary donor-induced respite, now has signs saying “We are ACTUALLY closed this time.”