There’s now a drugstore option for your Flex points, but you’ll have to walk to 96th Street (aka “the ends of the Earth”) to use it. According to an email from Student Services’s Michael Novielli, the CVS at 96th and Amsterdam will be accepting Flex “by the end of July.” 

As for other, closer options, Novielli wrote, “We realize that other neighborhood drugstores are popular with students, but they have not responded to our invitations to join the program so we wanted to have at least one drugstore option for you on it.” Novielli declined further comment on why chains like Duane Reade and Rite Aid did not step up to the plate. Perhaps they feared being unable to handle Flex’s lightning quickness.

Still, at least the faraway land of 96th and Amsterdam is now under the domain of Flex. But beware, traveler: Bwog hears that the natives don’t even have an opinion on GS students. The horror.