We return from our 4th of July break with a round-up of some other stories we received this past week. First, former SEAS dean/idiosyncratic emailer Zvi Galil has resigned as president of Tel Aviv University, after only two years in the post. Galil became president of the Israeli university in 2007, after twelve years as dean of SEAS, and a full twenty-five years on Columbia’s faculty. University sources told Haaretz that he was “forced out” of the position by the university’s executive council, though the council itself denied this. The article seems to indicate that Galil will stay at TAU, though we’re fairly certain Columbia engineers wouldn’t say no to a return.

On this side of the Atlantic, the New York Times reopens Obama’s 1983 Columbia student magazine article about a nuclear-free world, at the start of their front-page article about his attempts to actually achieve that idea. In a more literal reopening, Community Food and Juice, closed by a kitchen fire in April, will resume business on July 15th. Organic snobs everywhere – rejoice!