During summer, students may be slaving away at an unpaid resume bullet point internship, scrambling to find something after said internship failed to materialize, or lounging around on the couch (lucky…). Professors and fortunate grad students, though, are still releasing their reports in hopes of gaining a tiny bit of recognition from a conference, providing a useful link for future users of JSTOR, or building their resume to get a better job/their precious tenure. Mostly the last one. And while the newswires are mostly dead in the middle of July, most of Columbia’s headlines are coming from these projects.

  • Sleeping light? According to Medical Center researchers, that makes you more likely to be fat.
  • Researchers find that a coronary calcium scan might cause cancer in itself.
  • Thought art history majors would be left out? Of course not:  a sociology doctoral student claims French modernists who bloomed later were also productive for longer.
  • There’s no conclusion yet, but Columbia is partnering with the University of Michigan and Harvard (among others) to study suicide and mental health in the military.
  • This last study is more than a month old, but there’s no time like the present for the obvious: abstinence-only education will stop contraceptives, but kids’ll keep on having sex.

Now go outside and feel enlightened!