Student Assaulted at 119th and Morningside

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Public Safety issued a Security Alert an hour ago that a student was assaulted last night at 119th and Morningside. Three males, described as “18-20” and black, attacked the student from behind, and ran off after he resisted. The trio apparently committed another crime later in Morningside Park. Full description after the jump.


On August 2, 2009 at about 8:40 p.m., a student was assaulted at W. 119 St. and Morningside Drive.  The student was walking, when he was approached from behind by three males, who punched him in the back of the head.  The student resisted, and the suspects fled south on Morningside Drive.  The descriptions are as follows:

#1- m/b/18-20 yrs/5?10?-6?/thin build/red t-shirt, red baseball cap, light colored shorts.

#2- m/b/18-20 yrs/5?10?-6?/thin build/dark t-shirt, dark baseball cap, blue jeans, sneakers.

#3- m/b/18-20 yrs/6?1?/ thin build/blue jeans/white t-shirt/light colored baseball cap.

It is believed that the suspects are also responsible for another crime within Morningside Park, a short time later.  If you have any information about these suspects, please contact Det. Signoretti at the 26 Pct. Detective Squad. Tel # 212-678-1318.

Ken Finnegan

Director, Investigations and Technology Projects

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  1. deja vu

    i read this same thing in an email earlier today... weird.

  2. Gay Hooligans?

    I like their matching hat-shirt ensembles.

  3. Ahem

    They weren't black, they were "b".

  4. Sorry guys

    but I was one of the attackers. Seriously, I thought he was someone else.

    No hard feelings. Right?

  5. Ali G

    There's Three Men, One Brotha, One Honky and One Spanish.

    Seriously though, this is going to lead to more racist bullcrap followed by ridiculous over liberal bullcrap. Both sides look dumb and are wrong.

    "Black Harlem needs to be gentrified!" -> "It's your fault they commit crimes!"

  6. three on one  

    and they ran? not exactly the baddest of asses...

  7. ...

    what about coverage of the prezbo email asking alumni to populate lionshare?

  8. Probably

    Not the best place to do this, but you should cover this blog by a Columbia alum on tour with a band around the country. It's really interesting:

  9. I don't  

    think dey was after dollas ya'll. Dey thought he was packin some mad, mad, mad niggerish rap. Once dey know he was light on da krunk azz beatz they broke tha fuck out!!!

  10. violence?

    in my new york city?

  11. new security alart

    it's priceless. make it funnier than it already is bwog.

  12. shocked

    wait, the criminals were black?!

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