Your First Back-To-School Sign

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The leaning tower of Lit Hum boxes has arrived!

A word of advice to 2013: first-years who actually buy these books new are fools. Go for many, many sources of used books, and thank us later – that is, unless the increased demand inflates prices, in which case 2012 can thank us instead. We’re flexible.

– Photo by ECS

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  1. I'll take

    the third row from the top, second box on the right. thanks.

  2. shun

    Shun the bookstore. Drive it into bankruptcy, the whores.

  3. i like

    having new books so i can annotate. might as well buy them there.

  4. i like

    having old previously annotated books. might as well steal them

  5. Gee, BWOG

    How about loosening that iron-grip on my balls?

    Plato's republic is ordered from Amazon. Are you happy now?!

    Honestly, first picture of the homepage? You douchebags.

  6. write or die

    until you can annotate on a kindle, i'ma keep killin dem treessss

  7. denial

    summer can't be overrrrr :(

  8. keynesian  

    prices are sticky

    even if you did percipitate a mass horde of 2013'ers prefering used books, it is unlikely that this information would be communicated to suppliers of used books (2012'ers)... 2012'ers will sell quick and at a cheap price to unload it if they find a 2013'er willing to buy

  9. Anonymous  

    Bah Lithumbug!

  10. CC12

    Did not even put my foot in the bookstore all of freshmen year. And got all my books used.

    I must have paid USPS a lot of money though - well they need it.

  11. Bwog  

    why no coverage on the shoot out that occurred on 109th last Tuesday or the related slashing that occurred the Friday before that?

  12. Questions

    When do lit hum and CC prof.s get announced?

    also re: no.14: isn't it 'rites'?

  13. ALERT

    Looks like Harvard's trying to counterattack our "connection" with Columbia Sportswear:

  14. Wtf?

    The mugger lost his shoes???

    Columbia University
    Department of Public Safety


    On August 5, 2009 at about 12:10 a.m., a student was the victim of an attempted robbery on Morningside Ave. near W. 122St. The student was approached from behind by a male, who displayed an imitation pistol, and demanded the victim?s I-phone. When the student confronted the suspect about the imitation pistol, he fled from the scene, losing his sneakers while running away. The victim recovered his I-Phone and notified the police. The victim provided the following description:
    Male/ black/16 yrs/5?7?/dark complexion/black shorts/dark blue shirt/white socks/ spoke with an accent that the victim believes is from a country in West Africa.

  15. so you're flexible, eh?

    Maybe we should go for dinner and a movie, Bwog.

  16. Hey Bwog,  

    Check out the article Vanity Fair did on the various economic situations of the Ivy League schools called "The Sad Suffering Ivy League". We're actually pretty well...I would post the url, but I'm not sure how to do the external link thing.

  17. Cheap Lit Hum Books

    They're all listed here with links to buy them used on amazon:

  18. Cheap Lit Hum Books

    They're all listed here with links to buy them used on amazon:

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