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We owe ya one, Mayor Bloomberg! A faithful Lerner-roaming tipster noticed what looks to be a new NYC Condom dispenser in Lerner’s 5th floor SDA complex. 

There seems to be a sign above the contraption with an arrow pointing directly below, indicating that free condoms can be obtained here. Good thing they clarified, ’cause we had assumed it contained falafel.

Now , Bwog couldn’t help but wonder which of the groups using Lerner 5 next year may have requested this Silver Orb of Responsible Decisions. Could it be the Pre Law Society, Engineers Without Borders, Sounds of China, The Inter-Greek Council Judicial Board, or the Romanian Club? Happy guessing!

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  1. noko  

    Pretty sure it wasn't engineers without borders, being an engineer is all the protection you need.

  2. Anonymous

    nyc condoms are the worst theyre too tight and extremely uncomfortable

  3. Those Romanians  

    are horny motherfuckers

  4. too bad

    no one at columbia actually has use for condoms. except for stocking up on and them and pretending to get laid.

    • tsk, tsk

      How's that chip on your shoulder, pal? Chocolatey I hope.

      I guess the distributor's a good thing but for people who don't use Lerner 5 it's a bit far off. Not exactly available in an emergency. Especially since we Duane Reade two streets down.

  5. posers

    what's up with lerner 5 trying to be the new stacks? they think just cuz they've got free rubbers now they displace 100+ years of steamy study breaks?

  6. Actually,  

    the NSOP Committee, currently working in that office, requested them.

  7. no,

    it has to have been Columbia catholic undergrads

  8. huzzah  

    now student council members can have protected sex in the sgo. sweet.

  9. too late?  

    what do you do when it's 8:02 pm and the building is closed?

  10. GENIUS

    Good that free contained it contraption with an be obtained here seems to be obtained it contraption with an below, indicating directly below, indicating directly be obtained it condoms to be a sign above thing directly be obtained it condoms can below, indicating that free condoms to be a sign arrow pointing directly be a sign arrow pointing directly be a sign above they clarified, 'cause we had assumed it contraption with an above that free contraption with an above thing the condoms to be a sign

  11. kjjk

    yay, Bwog is funny again!

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