Football Team In Dirty GQ Photoshoot

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The Columbia Lions football team has made the national media as extras for a GQ magazine feature on ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews. Andrews is mostly known for being “that girl” on the sidelines during ESPN college football and basketball coverage. The photoshoot is attracting extra attention because Andrews was filmed by a peephole perv earlier in the summer, leading some to question the timing of the photo spread (though shooting took place in April).

As for the Columbia kids, they appear to have been rolling around in some very thick mud. How glamorous. We’d identify the specific players for you, but, well, we’ve only really been at this sports thing for a year, and we still have to rely on numbers. As for sexiness, it’s an okay effort by the football team, but the ladies women and gays man-lovers on staff still give the advantage to the swim team.

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  1. jealous

    Getting to pose muddy in a locker room with Erin Andrews would have been enough to get me to join the football team.

  2. cmon

    we all know the best looking team is the rowers

  3. They

    should have cleaned their uniforms a bit before the photo. This is just embarrassing.

  4. WHY?

    did they choose one of the worst teams in college football for this shoot? shouldn't they have gone for a state school? or at least one that wins games on occasion?

    • location

      ok, quick we need a football for this photo shoot.

      nyu? do they have a team? no? shit. ok, what about columbia? ha, ha, ha. oh? they do? great! whatever! give them a call. this needs to be done by four. i've got myself a hot date tonight.

  5. Guys guys

    two words: CRICKET TEAM. sports on campus are about to be revolutionized.

    Erin Andrews will soon discover that their bats are bigger than baseball's, and they score a lot more often than football.

  6. puzzled

    I am still confused as to where they got the mud. every field in the Baker athletic complex is synthetic turf. Perhaps it was imported from the Hudson?

  7. lolz

    vaughn! that kid lived on my floor last year in schapiro. what a celeb...i'm all a quiver!

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