Columbia Still #8 in US News Rankings

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Benjamin Franklin once famously said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes (a rather fatalistic saying for someone who got so much tail). In the world of college rankings, one might add, “And Harvard will always be first, and Penn will always be inexplicably overrated.” Yes, it’s this year’s edition of the US News and World Report college rankings, and Columbia’s held onto its #8 ranking, while ditching Duke to #10. Other movement from last year was minimal, with Princeton moving from 2nd to 1st, Penn moving into a tie for fourth with Stanford (huh?), and Cornell falling below Hopkins. Brown remains bottom among Ivy League schools. The top 20:

1. Harvard/Princeton

3. Yale

4. Caltech/MIT/Stanford/UPenn

8. Columbia/UChicago

10. Duke

11. Dartmouth

12. Northwestern/WashU

14. Johns Hopkins

15. Cornell

16. Brown

17. Emory/Rice/Vanderbilt

20. Notre Dame

Columbia administrators are probably rubbing their hands in anticipation of next year: because these rankings are based on 2008 data, the past year’s financial trouble for many top schools (which, comparatively, Columbia escaped) will only be taken into account next year. Then again, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to find a financially incompetent school on top again – US News has its ways.

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  1. Anonymous

    if UPenn and Columbia were switched I'd have no problem with this

  2. mortimer zuckerman

    "And Harvard will always be first, and Penn will always be inexplicably overrated."

    Editor-in-chief of US News went to Penn = mystery solved.

  3. 12err

    where did our 10 percent acceptance rate come from? Please don't tell me that includes GS

  4. actually

    Harvard was 2nd (not 1st or tied for 1st) in 2006

  5. Anonymous

    Brown remains criminally underrated.*

  6. why

    are we always with uchicago? is there something that i just don't know about?

  7. ...

    UPenn's ranking is all due to its undergraduate business school, Wharton.

    Also, another observation is that Columbia's tuition and fees are the highest in the top 21 at around 41 grand

    • Alumna

      However, Columbia ranks 3rd among top schools (bested only by two public universities, UCLA and UC - Berkeley) for economic diversity.

      That's really pretty cool, even though I wish the percentages of students receiving Pell Grants at top schools were higher across the board.

      • CC2010

        This little fact about pell grants and economic diversity always makes me feel a little warmer about Columbia. I'm really confused about Penn (what does it have, other than Wharton?) and Brown (oh, love...) though, every time these silly rankings come out. In truth, I'm confused by these rankings in general, and tickled/pleased by Barnard's decision not excuse itself from them.

        In 2005/6, Tufts was *more* expensive than Columbia, by a few thousand. How is it cheaper now?

    • actually

      As far as I can tell we have the highest tuition and fees in the top 100.

      Congratulations Columbians! We're getting hosed!

      The only other schools to break the 40k mark were Tufts and Tulane. Even perennial poster childs for overpriced schools, GWU and NYU, are "only" in the $39k range. Princeton (35k) Yale (36k) and Harvard (37k) look like bargains.

      Learn to read between the lines, folks. When the administration says not to worry about our endowment losses because, unlike our peers, we're more tuition dependent, that's not necessarily a good thing for your bottom line.

  8. ummm  

    rankings are bullshit.

  9. Duck Fuke  

    Fuckers have never deserved to be in the top 10

  10. how did

    tufts get that expensive? same with tulane?

  11. Alum

    If Columbia "held onto its #8 ranking" as the article states, why does the headline say it moved "one place higher"?

  12. Because

    Columbia is at number 8 with only a two-way tie, not a three-way tie.

  13. I have to

    outsource sex. Men at Columbia are socially retarded.

  14. so....

    this is once again a useless debate about comparing engineers to liberal art majors...sort of like comparing apples to oranges. when will we all learn to grow up?

  15. carlito  

    Barnard is more like Puerto Rico, no?

  16. Huh.

    Nothing like snitty rankings wank to make you not want to go back.

  17. hmm

    true that gossip girl is shooting at cu again?

  18. bitter, bitter, man

    bullshit...all fucking bullshit. It's all who you know, nobody gives a damn about "education". But I'll pay 200k to learn the same things I would have learned at an in-state school with a full ride.

  19. Uhm...

    Did anyone else's financial aid allocation drop by a lot between last year and this year with no apparent reason? Like... by five figures?

  20. What on earth?

    UPenn in the top ten?

  21. ...

    What on earth is Mortimer B. Zuckerman smoking?

  22. Zuck went to McGill

    UPenn rocks these rankings because they have the highest operating budget in the ivy league, mostly attributable to the med school. NIH funding kicks in like half a billion dollars or more... that's why they're always #1 or 2 in financial resources. They also pay professors at Wharton, law and med a lot and have a couple thousand extra classes in 35 different languages that nobody takes (like ancient Norwegian)... but this gives them #1 or 2 in faculty resources... hooray for Penn, you figured out the USNews formula 15 years ago and have killed the competition ever since...

  23. None

    US News even rates Penn ahead of Columbia in selectivity with their 17% acceptance rate.

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