The brainchild of two former Business School students, DessertTruck has rapidly grown in popularity since it first started its engine in late 2007. The (surprisingly reasonably priced) mobile pastry truck has roamed the streets during the day (making its way up to Columbia from time to time), and hangs out at St. Mark’s at night, drawing more and more devoted customers each month. It was TimeOut New York’s readers’ choice for best mobile food last year, and beat Food Network chef Bobby Flay in a “bread pudding throwdown.” All signs pointed to increasing stardom, word eventually leaking out to tourists, and then becoming too popular for the hippest among us after getting its own New Yorker cartoon.

But now the city has suddenly declared their mobile food permit invalid and denied them the chance to renew said permit, forcing the Dessert Truck to shutter its public operations for the forseeable future. As denying freedom of dessert is the first step on the road to culinary fascism, we urge the city: for the good of New York’s taste buds, please reconsider.