In case you missed the Saturday Times, or don’t read those ancient things your parents call “newspapers,” receiving an extensive profile was none other than the new director of Miller Theater, Melissa Smey

Well, at least there’s an article partly about Ms. Smey, because much of the profile focuses on the legacy of the previous director and Smey’s mentor, George Steel, who left last fall for the Dallas Opera after a successful tenure. Alan Brinkley (yes, he’s still provost) told the Times, “Miller Theater over the last 8 to 10 years has become identified with the kind of new music that George Steel brought to it,” and later added “We have great confidence in Melissa that she’ll be able to carry this on.” So, you know, no pressure.

Perhaps of more interest to students are Smey’s listening habits, which apparently include indie rock poster children like the Yeah, Yeah Yeahs, the Arcade Fire, and that indie afro-pop group everyone used to talk about. Smey is apparently working on bringing “cool indie bands” to Miller to attract more students. Hey, it could work…for one type of student.

Photo: Columbia University