Guide to the Weekend: The Triumphant Return

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“Wait, a minute,” some 2013s might be thinking, “it’s only Thursday. Doesn’t the weekend start on Friday?” Not at Columbia…unless you have a lab…or a language class…or an internship…or…well, forget that, here’s the year’s first Guide to the Weekend.


Light of the Sufis: the Mystical Arts of Islam : Gathered from the collections of the Brooklyn Museum as well as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, items on display in this exhibition highlight the history, traditions and values of the Muslim Sufi sect. Free at the Brooklyn Museum.

Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum: “At the crossroads of major trade routes and as the focus of both nomadic migrations and invasions by great powers, ancient Afghanistan was home to one of the most complex, rich and original civilizations in Asia. This exhibition focuses on the unique artistic output of the nation, extending from the Bronze Age into the Kushan period, and features gold vessels from the Khosh Tapa hoard, turquoise-encrusted jewelry from the tombs at Tillya Tepe, sculpted ivory pieces, Roman glass from Begram and more.” $10 at the Met

Homer’s Odyssey: A contemporary verse adaptation of the Core’s poster-book which “incorporates acrobatics, shadow puppetry, full-bodied puppetry, and other uniquely theatrical means to summon Homer’s tale. $15 at the The Green Room at 45 Bleecker Street

Mid-19th Century Underwear: Even by New York museum standards, this exhibit is rather odd. “Visitors have the rare pleasure of taking a museum-sanctioned peek at ladies’ unmentionables.” Free, 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. at the Merchant’s House Museum.

Tauba Auerbach: Here and Now/And Nowhere: A new exhibit from the San Francisco-based artist, including an organ that requires two people to play it. The Deitch Projects.


Coney Island Fireworks: Every week at 9:30 p.m., a fireworks display above New York Harbor. 


Harlem Meer Performance Festival: The ARC Gospel Choir gives a free concert in the last event in the Central Park Conservancy’s 2009 season. Free at the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center (110th Street between Fifth and Lenox Avenues, inside the Park).

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  1. What

    is full-bodied puppetry?

  2. Lame Weekend...

    How about the parties that Stephan V hosts at all the hottest clubs in NYC? that is a good time!!!

    lame bwog... you guys are broken condoms.

  3. since when

    do columbia students (or anyone with a pulse and half a brain) pay admission at the met? show your cuid, or at worst flip the teller a quarter and be on your way.

  4. CC'13

    Who would want to leave campus?? Is anything going on within walking distance of 114th?

  5. happy

    I am so happy bwog is back and updated regularly. I appreciate you, Bwog.

  6. Anonymous

    Ashley Dupre is not happy. Ever since she's been the subject of a media firestorm, she has left the hustle (not an intentional joke) and bustle of the city, and gotten out of the public eye. The media has been hounding Ashley Dupre, calling her all sorts of names – though they do not realize the former call girl, who had an affair with Eliot Spitzer, was just the person there at the time and if she had found a different line of work, Spitzer would have cheated on his wife and resigned the governorship of New York with someone else. Perhaps everyone should leave Ashley Dupre alone, get instant payday loans and find a hobby.

  7. 2150

    it's great that you can do most of this stuff any time over the weekend depending on what day you're free!

  8. I wish  

    I could go to the electric zoo fest too. or the us open

  9. I wish

    guide to the weekend was canceled because it is a waste of time. I am too busy sticking cookies in the door.

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