Use Your Off-Campus Flex for Bandaids and…Onion Rings?

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onion ringsThe Off-Campus Flex machine rolls on, having just proudly announced two new conquests. According to Student Services’s Honey Sue Fishman (Bwog favorite Michael Novielli has unfortunately left the administration for a job in China), Riteaid and Village Pourhouse will soon accept Flex.  Riteaid, perhaps, holds out hope of stealing business from its better located, better stocked rival, Duane Reade, which has failed to hop on the Flex bandwagon.  As for Pourhouse, they must think Columbia students have a mighty appetite for fries and mozzarella sticks, since you still can’t use Flex to buy alcohol.



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  1. Wait

    Her name is Honey Sue?! This is amazing.

  2. Rich Man

    I love poorhouse... its like 1020 (without hipster30 somethings) meets JJ's place (with alcohol) and just a splash of sports theme.

  3. skats  

    let me use the flex to buy me cracks

  4. Really?

    Rite Aid has a much better selection than Duane Reade.

    • yes

      yeah but if you multiply the increased selection at Rite Aid by the coefficient for Ridiculously Slow Checkout, the net result is reduced availability, increased aggravation, and higher likelihood to swear that this *will* be the last time you set foot in that wretched pharmacy

  5. What

    is the big deal with FLEX? I am not exited about it even though Rite Aid is my favorite store in the northern hemisphere.

  6. Novi is gone?

    So Columbia administration is even more like the Death Star?

  7. 1020

    was hipster?

    nah man, that was full of chavs.

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