1. Really Bwog?  

    is this really the most interesting news you have for us?

  2. Purell  

    can't prevent you from getting swine flu. But it can kill the good bacteria on your hands and contribute to the evolution of super-germs it can't kill. But you know, if it makes you feel better . . . lather up.

  3. Um...

    Purell is made of ethanol, not antibiotics. So unless these super-germs are alien life forms, they can never develop resistance to Purell. And the protein coats of most viruses will denature in ethanol, too. But you know, if it makes you feel better...drink some and then post bwog comments.

  4. score:

    "purell" - 0 "Um..." - 1

    round two?

  5. WE'RE

    ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. three legs is good too...

    oh wait, that's not a leg.

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