Get Out While You Still Can

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Bwog’s fancy shmancy weather predictor tells us that this beautiful day is the last one we’re to see in a while (and by a while, we mean, 10 days).  The steps are looking nice and warm, and this would be a great opportunity to indulge a little before the workload (and the cloud cover) gets heavy.  Go outside!  Or look at the photo in a larger size below and pretend you did. 

–Photo by JD 

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  1. Peter King  


  2. uh...  

    tomorrow's forecast looks fine, you debbie downer

  3. alum

    I really regret having had this type of attitude in college, i.e. feeling the need to spend all my time holed up in my room studying when I could have been enjoying life and now I spend all day holed up in a cubicle working in excel and actually can't...

  4. alum

    how is that relevant? few people study efficiently or effectively enough to warrant the butler herd mentality is all I'm trying to say...

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