FroYo Returns to Campus, And Other Dining Changes

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Dining Services has been busy once again with updates to its dining menus, and Bwog checked in with them to see what’s new for the fall semester. The highlights:

  • John Jay Dining Hall is now getting its own strawberry jam and salsa from local farms and canneries in Connecticut.
  • 212 and Carleton are now being supplied by Boar’s Head Provision Company, a meats provider described to Bwog as “fancier.”
  • The one menu addition at Ferris: filet mignon with mozzarella on garlic bread for $5.95
  • Another Blue Java branch is now located in Lenfest in the Law School, and stays open until 8 Monday thru Thursday.
  • Finally, John Jay will soon be adding a frozen yogurt brand called YoCream (pictured), which Dining Services Director Victoria Dunn said is both “delicious” and “basically Pinkberry.” 
  • The first theme dinner will be next Thursday (“A Taste of New York”), with another on October 7 (“Sabor Latino”).

Dunn also told Bwog that the Dining Advisory Committee would be looking again at changing up the meal plan system this year, with special emphasis on allowing students more places to swipe for breakfast and late-night meals.

– JCD, photo from Flickr

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  1. wait  

    a big WTF at:

    "filet mignon with mozzarella on garlic bread for $5.95"


  2. om nom nom  

    so this means i'll use my minimal jay meals to steal large containers of yocream.

  3. uhhh....  

    who the hell puts filet mignon on garlic bread and eats it like a sandwich??!!

  4. I am suspicious  

    of Yocream. There are many things out there that are 'basically Pinkberry,' but a faaaaar cry from the real thing. Sounds status quo for John Jay.

  5. Anonymous  

    The filet mignon is actually very good! It's the best steak sandwich ever, and I think you will agree after trying one!! We are trying to bring in great, new items for everyone to try and are always interested in feedback! Look for a new dessert bar and specials around the cafe too. I am the new Chef/Manager at Ferris Booth, so feel free to drop by and ask for me any time.

  6. hey heather  

    i'd like to try something else with you if you know what i mean

  7. enough for two

    the filet mignon with mozzarella sandwich has an ungodly amount of meat. it's good. also it came with rosemary bread, not garlic.

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