SGA and CCSC First-Year Candidates: Feel the Ambition!

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Ah, fall. When the leaves fall and the weather takes a turn for the colder, but not before a select number of first-year college students paper the dorms with posters and broad promises, hoping to sneak enough votes to join student council. So far, CCSC and SGA have released their official candidate lists, and the action promises to be frenzied, cutthroat and of entirely no interest to most of the campus.

CCSC has five parties running presidential and vice-presidential candidates; unfortunately, campaign rules mean that their Facebook presence is non-existent until Wednesday, when official campaigning begins. All that’s available so far are the candidates and the party names: Columbia University Activists, the Karma Party, Lion’s Initiative, Blue Union, and Bwog’s personal favorite, “Let’s.” Yep, just “Let’s.” The debate is next Tuesday, with elections running that day and Wednesday.

Across Broadway, SGA has five candidates for the position of First-Year class president, and, unlike their College brethren, they already have platforms and positions. The promises range from the multicultural (“I support the introduction of an assortment of cultural events to be open and suggested to every person of every race”) to the specific (“adding speakers to our dining hall, so we can lay back and relax to music during our dining hours”) to the exclamatory (“Whenever you need support, I am here to lend a hand!”). Voting begins Tuesday morning on eBear, with a candidates forum that night at 8 in Lewis Parlor. Full lists for both schools after the jump.




  • Eleanor Stein – Representative

Impact Party

  • Alexander Jasiulek – President
  • Karishma Hibbu – Vice President
  • Constance Boozer – Representative


  • Sungmin Ahn – President
  • Sam Meyers – Vice President
  • Dylan Lonergan – Representative
  • Emilio Santiago – Representative
  • Derek Gao – Representative

Blue Union Party

  • Laila Sultana – President
  • Derion Givens – Vice President
  • Carrie Montgomery – Representative
  • Samantha Jean-Baptiste  – Representative
  • Kevin Montiel – Representative

Lion’s Initiative

  • Tara Reed – President
  • Ryan Cho – Vice President
  • Michelle Diop – Representative
  • Kyle Schmidt – Representative

Columbia University Activists

  • Jonathan Trujillo – President
  • Diane Jean-Mary – Vice President
  • Yamira Bell – Representative
  • Alexander Simmonds – Representative
  • Grecia Barboza – Representative

Karma Party

  • Rahul Sharma – President
  • Kiran Prasad – Vice President
  • A.J. Luzarraga – Representative
  • Ryan Mandelbaum – Representative
  • Grace Tan – Representative




  • Linda Zhang
  • Jennifer Graber
  • JungHee Hyun
  • Mackenzie Salenger
  • Angela Zhao


  • Alicia Serrani
  • Keeley Nakamoto
  • Rachel Ferrari
  • Gayatri Malhotra
  • Christina Chao


  • Isabella Serrani
  • Sarosh Arif
  • Alice Kamens
  • Dana Kim
  • Emily Feinstein


  • Ritu Madhok
  • Anya Whelan-Smith
  • Sakina Pasha
  • Divya Subramanian

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