A Double Dose of Photo Weirdness

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The next time you forget your ID and get turned away from Butler, remember: when Argentine President Cristina Kirchner came to visit, campus security apparently refused to let her NYPD escort enter Low. The officer, probably grateful to escape, instead took the opportunity to snap a picture of the steps.

More common, but also more mysterious, was the sudden appearance of a film trailer at the corner of 110th and Broadway. Internet and parking meter searches did not turn up any clue as to the production being filmed, nor as to if Chipotle or Vitamin Shoppe (the two closest businesses) have managed to parlay their sterilized-chain-store atmospheres into acceptable filming locations. Both would certainly be cleaner than last week’s trailer stop.

– Photos by AB and ARK

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  1. umm  

    The Pres. Kirchner who spoke here yesterday's a she...

  2. cc '32

    what??? a lady president?

  3. payattention

    yes there are signs. it's law and order.

  4. maybe  

    christopher walken can come and teach us how to make cicken with pears:

  5. uh oh  

    If that's a Law and Order crime scene, it's probably not good that I left seminal fluid on the parking meter closest to the subway stop after getting a ticket last week.

  6. ???  

    do we know which law and order?

  7. ???  

    And will it still be there tomorrow?

  8. ???  

    i second that. is it svu???

  9. JGrad

    Could be this:

    "Signs spotted for The Other Guys, starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell
    , spotted all around Columbia University: on 110th between Broadway
    and Amsterdam, on Broadway & 120th Street for 6am-10pm and around Claremont and 122nd. (Thanks Newyorkology, Sarah, Patty and Don!)"

  10. meh

    Didn't see any signs for the mark wahlberg movie, but one of the vans had a parking ticket on the windshield that labeled them part of the law & order crew. Did not specify which law & order. Did specify that they were breaking permit laws.

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