Another North-South Smackdown

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The baby blue of Columbia versus the flamboyant purple of NYU. Or, if you’re NBC New York, the forest green of Columbia vs. the baby blue of NYU.  Color issues aside, the station is hosting a collegiate version of its “Golden Local” series. The results of the poll decide which school will theoretically receive the honor of “the world’s first human trophy” (NBC’s version of a local, as seen above wearing a golden blazer and matching golden Converse sneakers).

Columbia is currently in the lead, but there’s no time to waste, folks. Past polls have dethroned such institutions as Grey’s Papaya (loser in the “best hot dogs” category) and McSorely’s (“best old bars”), so the inherent obviousness of the decision may not survive the internet.  Get voting, make sure to find the “Skip this ad” button in the upper left corner afterward, and bring some of that local, authentic, ski-hat-with-aviators flavor up to Morningside. He’s sure to be the hottest thing on campus since Sir Michael’s mixtapes.


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  1. what?  

    i thought nyu was a hangout place for people who like squeezing fat bottoms into tight jeans. its a school?!?

  2. WAT  

    how did grey's papaya lose

  3. Please  

    Someone make some sassy/witty/smart comments on the little post thing. I'm not clever, but I enjoy seeing our posts (with capitalization) versus "nyu is omg so greaattt."

  4. Umm  

    Click to read more about each university and check out the photos.

    Columbia: actual campus scene
    NYU: people screaming in bathing suits.

  5. the  

    north always wins... just ask the confederates

  6. yay  

    Thank the internet! We have a resounding lead.

  7. Please read  

    the description of NYU. It includes the phrase "travel far and white" (?) as well as a nice run-on sentence at the end.

    • Sadly  

      Columbia's description isn't that much more grammatically correct.

      "It’s freedom streak runs strong, and has been the site of countless protests, student uprisings and even granted the right to speak to free-speech hating Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad."

      ...the difference is that the students here notice the mistakes...

  8. Online Competitions:  

    the one "sport" Columbia actually has a shot at dominating!

  9. 90%  

    for Columbia at the moment.

    I'm sure being on Bwog didn't hurt.

  10. poor nyu

    you may have gotten all the gossip girl characters, but we get everything else

  11. 2 years ago  

    probably when ahmadinejad was on campus

  12. Yknow that kid..... your Lit Hum/CC class that spoke solely for the boner-sustaining joy of hearing his own voice?

    Imagining him, dressed like a douchebag (hipster, punk, 'alternative'; pick your topping) quoting Plato without having actually read it.

    Add an ironic 'stache for the boy, err, male-leaning, and a purposely jarring dye-job for their opposite.

    ...Your NYU student body, ladies and gentlemen.

  13. ...  

    columbia: butler, adderall, paxil, zoloft, prozac

    nyu: washington square park, cocaine, weed, lsd, mushrooms

    pick your poison.

  14. Alum

    As I predicted, NYU students are now voting for their school en mass. We were up to 91% when I looked last night but are now down to 78%.

  15. rally!  

    bwog needs to bump this article to the top and get more columbia students to vote

    has someone e-mailed this to the administration to see if they could rally the alums?

  16. NYU

    As in, Gray's Papaya* and McSorley's*? You're making it easy to prove that you don't actually live in New York City.

  17. Alum

    It's now just 52%, and the voting will continue for another week.

  18. please  

    bwog post about this again

  19. Alum

    Now we're down to 46%. And the snarky comments from NYU students are even worse than the numbers.

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