The baby blue of Columbia versus the flamboyant purple of NYU. Or, if you’re NBC New York, the forest green of Columbia vs. the baby blue of NYU.  Color issues aside, the station is hosting a collegiate version of its “Golden Local” series. The results of the poll decide which school will theoretically receive the honor of “the world’s first human trophy” (NBC’s version of a local, as seen above wearing a golden blazer and matching golden Converse sneakers).

Columbia is currently in the lead, but there’s no time to waste, folks. Past polls have dethroned such institutions as Grey’s Papaya (loser in the “best hot dogs” category) and McSorely’s (“best old bars”), so the inherent obviousness of the decision may not survive the internet.  Get voting, make sure to find the “Skip this ad” button in the upper left corner afterward, and bring some of that local, authentic, ski-hat-with-aviators flavor up to Morningside. He’s sure to be the hottest thing on campus since Sir Michael’s mixtapes.