Oh, Fpeshmen…

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Bwogger Hans Hyttinen sent in this campaign poster for the Kapma Karma Party running for CCSC ’13. It’s a shame that LitHum doesn’t require students to read the Iliad in Greek, or this confusion may have been avoided. Silly freshmen, a pi isn’t a rho!

Oh, and it turns out this may not be the first time that the Karma Party has had trouble with spelling.

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  1. also

    their Greek translates to "kapMa". Something significant about the M....

  2. ahem  

    "We are the no bullshit party: we're here to deliver"

    (cough cough)


  3. Ryan Mandelbaum  

    I'm even in the karma party and find this hilarious.

  4. ooh  

    This is so cool...I'm going to vote for the Karma Party!

  5. GRACE TAN  


  6. Ryan Mandelbaum  

    I'm a huge douchebag.

  7. okay  

    This is the only party which genuinely wants to do something good for everyone...

  8. A.J. Luzarraga  

    I'm also a candidate for the Karma Party.

    We promote a libertarian spelling policy/grace tan can't spell.

  9. Dear Bwog Commenters  

    Why do people get worked up about student council like this? They're just a token group so the administration can say we're "represented". Actual example: They've been planning some changes to dining with the administration. The administration is going to enact whatever they jointly determine, but they have several preconditions they will not negotiate on:

    1) The lowest amount of meals that can be purchased on the freshman meal-plan is to be increased.

    2) The actual John Jay food is expressly not a part of the plan that Student Council has any input on. Instead, they are left with figuring out how to restructure the mealplan to be more appealing without improving the food or allowing freshman to purchase anything but more meals. The administration's pet idea is to turn Ferris Booth into more John Jay style dining, and it's what will almost certainly will happen if they can't come up with something that appeals to the administration better.

    Now, this is one small thing, and people might think that it's all change for the better, but the fact is that in every "dialog" they have no input on any of the problems that most people complain about (i.e. not being able to get classes, advising sucking).

  10. alex

    everytime I have an "awwwww i miss columbia" perspective, I read bwog comments and change my mind. Thanks guys, here I was enjoying the nostalgia, and you had to go ruin it! I AM SO MAD, LONELY AND UNHAPPY I MIGHT DO SOMETHING CRAZY LIKE CORRECT SOMEONE'S GRAMMAR!!!!!!!

  11. ummmm  

    sick of spotty wifi? have you even been here long enough to reallllyy be annoyed yet? you just think you're annoyed... oh freshman...wait until you're a jaded senior

  12. Rahul Sharma  

    I'm Rahul Sharma and I endorse this blog post.

  13. Ryan Mandelbaum  

    No, I am Ryan Mandelbaum.

  14. urrg  

    Is anyone getting sick of the Karma Party and others constantly soliciting and knocking on our doors when we clearly don't want to be bothered?

  15. Senior  

    What is the only thing worse than "silly freshmen" antics?

    Upperclassmen condescension.

    Seriously guys, high school is over. Fuck off.

  16. yeah well

    boozer also rhymes with "boozer"

  17. wtf  

    how could you use a rho as an "r" it doesnt even look like that!

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